Michigan Woodland Gin


Rooted in glacially formed soil and sourced from the endless greenery encompassing our farm – this perennial woodland gin is sown with Iron Fish estate grown and harvested winter wheat, a subtle hint of juniper, deeply chilled water from our aquifer well, and a bouquet of native botanicals, including sprigs of Concolor Fir, to give breath to a delightful harmony. Wild and reserved, take a walk with our Michigan Woodland Gin.

Dark Rum


Patience and reflection combine to render the inevitable wisdom in this cask-aged rum blend. The warm embrace of toasted oak perfectly melds the farm-fresh nectar of visiting honeybees with the mature authority of Carribean molasses, stirring aromas of caramel, cloves, vanilla and dried fruit. We think you’ll find this buttery waltz reminiscent of a place you want to be, of gathering, of harvest, of home.

Experimental Barrel-Finished Gin

Gin doesn’t come easy. Much like the land, it takes time, persistence and a little luck. Batch after batch, run after run, we sowed and toiled.  Each Gin brought us closer to who we are.  Made with local winter wheat and native botanicals, planted in American Oak Barrels and given time to grow – each bottle a different step in the search of something real. Another ring in our tree, this Gin is our journey.

Bourbon Whiskey Finished in Tawny Port Casks


While patiently waiting for our own distilled whiskey, we sourced a spicy spirit and finished it in Tawny Port Casks from Portugal. The result: an interplay of corn, rye and malted barley tones, further mellowed by the nutty, blackberry caramel sweetness of the Tawny Port Casks. Here’s to changing it up and making it right! Enjoy the journey of Iron Fish.

Michigan Wheat White Whiskey


86 PROOF | 43% ABV

Our “white dog” is all bark, no bite. Crafted using a mash made of Jupiter Winter Wheat and Organic Yellow Corn. It has a woody nose reminiscent of a walk through the woods to the river’s edge. Hints of white oak hit you fast like salmon running for home. The spirit lets out and the sweetness reels you back in. It finishes with a gentle smoky whisper of a burn that brings you back beside a bonfire. This whiskey is young, and like a new wool shirt, is ready to get you through a long starry night in Benzie County.

750 ML BOTTLE | $32

Michigan White Rum


80 PROOF | 40% ABV

Beautifully bright and light, reminiscent of sandy Lake Michigan sunsets, our Michigan White Rum has been finished with a touch of gold, courtesy of Sleeping Bear Farms’ honeybees, and crafted with the very best Caribbean molasses. Here, we have the sun, the beaches, we have the water, and now, we have the rum.

750 ML BOTTLE | $32

Michigan Winter Wheat Vodka


80 PROOF | 40% ABV

Unfiltered and honest, our farm-distilled Michigan Winter Wheat Vodka is as clear, fresh and authentic as the glass filled lakes that inspired it. Pure Michigan water, from our deep-water source beside the Betsie River, and locally grown Winter Wheat, courtesy of the Sends’ Farm, couple to create our unique, flavorful take on this classic spirit.

750 ML BOTTLE | $30

Bourbon Whiskey Finished in Maple Syrup Barrels


As the leaves began to fall, and while waiting for our own Iron Fish distilled whiskey, we came upon this spirit – a blend of corn, rye and malted barley in fired American oak barrels. We fell for it and gave it a trace of maple by finishing the spirit in old, withered whiskey barrels steeped in our neighbors, the Griner family’s, maple syrup. Thoughtful and distinct, settle in and enjoy our Bourbon – the beauty is in the contrast.

Bourbon Whiskey Finished In Imperial Stout Casks


As we chug towards our own Iron Fish distilled whiskey, we sent some American Oak kegs on a round-trip to The Filling Station Microbrewery. Upon arrival they were filled with their Imperial Stout, then emptied and returned to be refueled with a spirit made from a load of corn, rye and malted barley. From the other side of the tracks to you – climb aboard and ride-along with our spirit. (Sold out)

Michigan Rye Vodka

40% ABV | 80 Proof | 750ML

Soft and assertive, this textured spirit rewards careful attention. Our farm distiller’s own hearty winter rye achieves almost lyrical composition under his care and craftsmanship. Achingly clear with feathery notes of pepper and nut, it’s flavors unfold in step with the sweet and spicy aromas of summer fields and golden rye.