Iron Fish Distillery is Michigan’s first working farm solely dedicated to the practice of distilling small-batch craft spirits. Our family reclaimed a late 1890’s abandoned farmstead with a simple mission in mind: we create exceptional spirits from the ground up, growing our own grain and sourcing grain from Michigan farmers with practices that respect the health of nearby watersheds. Our true passion is to offer customers and visitors the craft of soil-to-spirit distilling from a family business that cares about our employees, community, and the living land.

Every step of the process – from growing and harvesting non GMO grain to cultivating native yeast, milling, mashing, fermenting, distilling, aging and bottling – is done by hand at our distillery. We replace global with local wherever we can, with the highest standards along the way.


Come tour Iron Fish for a taste of exceptional spirits, locally harvested and passionately produced and distilled in small production runs. We take our inspiration from the powerful, determined and strikingly beautiful Steelhead fish that run the Betsie River nearby. As the Steelhead return each year, we bring back the heritage and unique flavors of American small farm distilled spirits.

The two-generation farm along the Betsie River watershed went quiet for over two decades. Having grown up vacationing nearby, we knew the spirit of the landscape and wanted to do what we could to preserve it. We purchased the farmland in 2011, without purpose until 2013, when a trip to Northern Scotland changed our course. There, we drew inspiration from distilleries generations old and from a farm distillery on the Island of Islay. From this inspiration, Iron Fish Distillery came to life – and vitality has come back to this farmland through our long-shared family passion of craft spirits. Beyond family founders, our success lies in the hearts and skills of our team and in our shared commitment to give back to our community and protect the land.

~ Heidi Bolger & David Wallace, Sarah & Richard Anderson


We source and seek the best non-GMO and organic grains from Northern Michigan, and we are pleased to support the growing trend of farms shifting grain production for animal feed stock to the local beverage and food movement.

Our estate spirits a distilled from grain planted on nearly 60 of 80 acres, with the balance of our production fields in cover crop to build nutrient levels. We are working with Michigan State University to adopt practices under the Michigan Agricultural Environmental Assurance Program, designed to protect surface and groundwater. Based on the advise of organic farmers and experts, we are following a multi-year plan that starts with an initial use of minimal additives, leading to and followed by sustainable and natural practices.

We control every step of the process, from selecting and growing the grain, to milling, mashing, distilling and aging for all of our products, with the exception of our initial release whiskey, which is contracted and will be finished on site.

We are working with Craft Cultures from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to identify native yeast strains captured on our farm. These will be used in trial production of our single grain estate releases, bringing the practice of fermentation back to its original art form. If all goes well, our single grain estate releases will use native liquid yeast, rather than the craft industry standard of dry industrial yeast.

Iron Fish Distillery distills with a custom-build pot still, handcrafted in Germany by Kothe Destillationstechnik. Our pot still, specifically made for the production of whiskey and brandy, and our column still, for vodkas, gins, liqueurs and other clear spirits, have been designed to provide the right amount of surface area for the spirits to develop aroma and flavor.

The process of changing the physical state of grain – milling, mashing, fermenting and distilling – will be on full display for visitors and customers. Tours will take visitors through our farm production process, distillery and barrel room, ending with a round of tastings. Book a tour!