Introducing our exclusive Iron Fish Distillery Whiskey Club!
Are you ready to embark on a journey into the world of rare and limited release spirits, crafted and curated by the Iron Fish distillation team and selected in collaboration with our Chief Spirit Guide? Join us as a member of the Iron Fish Whiskey Club, where the finest whiskey experiences await!

Membership options:


Membership Fee – FREE
Spirit Fee – Approximately $100/release 
Receive ONE 750ml bottle of our carefully crafted spirits per release.


Membership Fee – FREE
Spirit Fee – Approximately $190/release
Double the delight with TWO 750ml bottles of our
exceptional spirits per release.

For Questions Contact:

*FlyCaster Members are automatically enrolled.

**The exact price per release may vary slightly depending on the particular product released.


Release Schedule:

Mark your calendars for three extraordinary releases each year:



September (Labor Day Weekend, Anniversary): Savor unique barrel strength spirits, including members only Mad Angler Barrel Strength whiskies. Meet up with other members at the annual members-only party.


Membership Perks:

-Annual and exclusive members-only event, held once per year, on our Anniversary Weekend (Labor Day weekend) where members (+1 guest) will enjoy complimentary food, drinks, spirit tastings and perhaps hear from a special guest speaker. You can participate in exciting members-only raffles, meet other club members and chat with the production and distilling team. 

-February and May Release Reception for each special release: Visit the distillery to enjoy a complimentary cocktail and appetizers, collect your Whiskey Club bottle and hang out with other members in our Headwaters Speakeasy Bar. Bottles will be held for later pick up and members that were unable to attend the release reception may order off the cocktail menu for a complimentary cocktail when picking up their bottle(s). 


Membership Benefits:

-One personalized membership card

-Receive (1) One free tour per year (up to $30 value)

-Visit anytime and present your personalized membership card to our staff to enjoy a universal 10% discount on all purchases (food, drink, bottles and merchandise). 

-Members only discount of $75 off your rental of the historic Iron Fish Farm House (advance reservation required) 

-Each year, members will be eligible to purchase a custom designed club members only apparel item. 




For questions, contact:



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