New Release from Michigan’s ONLY Farm Distillery Bourbon Whiskey Finished in Tawny Port Casks from Portugal

(Traverse City, MI) July11, 2017 – Bourbon a uniquely Red, White, and Blue spirit is appreciated for its classic slightly sweet and caramel taste profile, and heavenly aromas. Iron Fish Distillery, Michigan’s only farm distillery is proud to release its newest Bourbon Whiskey, finished in northern Michigan. From the shores of Portugal straight to the banks of the Betsie River, Iron Fish Distillery got creative and imported tawny port wine casks, and filled them with high rye bourbon. Upon sourcing the spicy spirit and finishing it in the Tawny Port Casks, the result is an interplay of corn, rye and malted barley tones, further mellowed by the nutty, blackberry caramel sweetness of the Tawny Port Casks.

Iron Fish Distillery has two additional specially curated bourbon’s, of equal excellence. The first bourbon whiskey release from Iron Fish was its specialty bourbon whiskey finished in freshly emptied Caribbean rum casks. This bourbon recently released spent months in 12-year-old casks that lend dark rum notes to this high rye bourbon. Hints of sugar cane and molasses combine with the character of the weathered casks to create this unique complexity. The second delicious option released is a fan favorite; a bourbon
whiskey finished in old, withered whiskey maple syrup barrels from nearby neighbors and friends of Iron Fish, the Griner family. Iron Fish is releasing this bourbon series while waiting for its own distilled and barrel aged estate grain grown whiskey to be released in a couple years.

The Iron Fish Distillery family invites visitors from near and far to come enjoy these special bourbon’s on property, along with vodka, gin, rum and white whiskey farm distilled on site; in either a carefully crafted cocktail, or in a tasting setting on its own. Nestled near the Betsie River, and open to the warm summer breezes of northern Michigan, Iron Fish Distillery is a ‘go to destination’ to celebrate all that northern Michigan has to offer. With live music from local artists, freshly prepared cuisine by way of local food truck vendors, a friendly staff, and new friends waiting, Iron Fish is dedicated to ensuring guests have a memorable experience they soon won’t forget. Iron Fish is proud to be a part of bourbon’s long and storied history, and look forward to growing their special bourbon whiskey legacy moving forward.

Iron Fish Distillery is centrally located; this Pure Michigan agritourism destination is within an hour drive of Traverse City, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park, Huron National Park, and just minutes from the regionally renowned Crystal Mountain Resort. Iron Fish is the ideal spot for a family gathering, reunion of old friends, or a weekend away with a special someone.


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