What is Harvest Host?

Harvest Host is an online registration that allows you access to a directory of locations around the United States that will allow you to overnight park your RV on their property at no cost. The beautiful, scenic locations range from farms to distilleries to wineries. All you need to do to get involved is visit their site, pay a low yearly fee of $79, and start traveling!

Their site includes a map of the available locations to park at, as well as an information page about each specific site. There, you’ll find details about space for your RV, the business that owns the location, and contact information. The only requirements for staying are that you contact the host at least 24 hours before arriving and that your RV is entirely self contained. Visit their site to learn more and get registered.

Can I stay at Iron Fish Distillery?

Iron Fish has joined more than 800 other locations in the US and become a Harvest Host! All you need to do to stay at the disillery is find us on the Harvest Host site, contact us, and schedule your visit. We offer an overnight stay at a beautiful farm along the Betsie River watershed. The farmland houses our distillery and family friendly tasting room where you can enjoy our craft spirits.

Can my property become a Harvest Host?

Simply contact Harvest Host and share your interest. Becoming a Harvest Host is a great way to share your product with new customers. You’ll gain the chance to meet a wide variety of interesting people from around the world while receving support for your business from an incredible, tight-knit community of RVers.

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