Crystal Mountain Spa X Iron Fish

“The infusion of Crystal Spa and Iron Fish Distillery has been nothing but short of amazing, we love working with our neighbors and coming up with infused oils and scrubs was so much fun!  All I had to do was mention the concept to Sarah Anderson and we were off and running!  I first contacted Sarah in the beginning of May 2018 and we started discussing and crafting the ideas.  (it’s easy to brainstorm when you’re sitting outside in the sun at IFD enjoying a cool cocktail)  Fast forward to today- Our Winter Seasonal Menu at Crystal Spa now has a rich array of services including a Winter Wheat Massage, Tawny Port Pedi and Bourbon Barrel Aged Body Treatment.  The feedback from our staff and guests has been phenomenal and we’ve already started a running joke that we might have to start bottling and selling our Iron Fish infused Crystal Spa products soon!  I hope our guests continue to enjoy the collaboration we worked so hard on just as much as the team at Iron Fish Distillery and Crystal Spa has.” 

Gretchen Schnell | Spa Services Manager



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