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A new meaning to the word “Spirit”

Here at Iron Fish we’re bringing a whole new meaning to the word spirit with our latest offering, Married and Buried. This unique events package allows you to create lifelong memories at Iron Fish. By exploring new ways to engage with our customers, Iron Fish now offers you the opportunity to tie the knot in our premiere 5 star wedding venue and later have your ashes spread across our farm field. After the grain is harvested, milled, mashed, and distilled, you or your loved one’s spirit will live on, in the form of a grain to glass whiskey. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Our historic barn has been a premiere 5 star wedding venue for the past five years. Learn more about our event offerings by emailing

No, but we offer many other ways to enjoy our spirits. Check out our store finder page for more info.

Yes! By using Spirit Hub you can have Iron Fish delivered to you in 40+ states.

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