Think of a medicine. Which ones did you find? Cocaine, heroin…? In general, when you ask a person about drugs, they usually think of illegal drugs. Illegal drugs are those that are prohibited by law, such as cocaine, marijuana, heroin. Its consumption, neither its purchase, nor its sale, nor its cultivation, nor its production are authorized. Is alcohol a drug? What about tobacco? Joints, marijuana, alcohol, ecstasy. More and more drugs are appearing and I`m not sure what everyone is doing. Alcohol already knows what it does, and some make you more active, with others you laugh, others leave you dizzy. The truth is that knowing the effects of everything is a story. But I would like to, because then I will know better if my daughter takes them or not. Alcohol and tobacco are the most well-known and widely used legal drugs in the population. And although their consumption is completely legal, they are still harmful substances and their excessive consumption can have serious consequences. Information about addiction treatment options can be found on NIDA`s treatment pages.

Information on trends in drug use can be found on our Trends and Statistics page. ** The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) provides categories to indicate the acceptable medical use of a substance and its potential for dependence or dependence. The most up-to-date information on drug classification can be found on the DEA website. Hallucinogen of lysergic acid found in ergot, a fungus that grows on rye and other grains. LSD is an abbreviation of the scientific name: lysergic acid d-diethylamide. For more information, see the research report on hallucinogens and dissociative drugs. Although few people consider them drugs, the truth is that they are substances that create a change in brain chemistry that impacts behavior, so they can be considered as such. These are substances with a stimulating effect, which usually produce an increase in brain activation.

Of course, its effects are much less important than those of other substances and require large amounts to become dangerous. Also known as synthetic drugs, synthetic drugs or herbal drugs. These are psychoactive substances (drugs) found in Ireland in shops specialising in drug-related products (establishments selling smoking paper, pipes, etc.), as well as in sex shops and tattoo parlours. They can also be purchased via the Internet. They are sold as an alternative to other drugs such as cannabis, ecstasy, LSD, amphetamines or heroin. Psychotropic drugs, and in reality all types of drugs, are a substance that can be considered a legal drug (this is not for nothing, drugs in English refer to both the concept of the drug and the drug) by creating a change in the patient`s nervous system (in the case of other drugs not associated with psychiatry, change the chemistry of other parts of the body). In principle, the use of these drugs is medical, which is why they are legal. However, many gain addiction and are even used wisely in some cases to try to improve their own skills or free time. Many of these drugs are labeled “unfit for human consumption,” so those who sell and supply them can flout the law and avoid liability for negative consequences or risks.

Some of them are legally used in industry and animal care. Hallucinogenic tea made in the Amazon from a plant containing DMT (Psychotria viridis) with another vine (Banisteriopsis caapi) that contains an MAO inhibitor that prevents the natural breakdown of DMT in the digestive system, thereby intensifying serotonergic activity. It has always been used in the religious and healing rituals of the Amazon, and its use is on the rise among tourists. For more information, see the research report on hallucinogens and dissociative drugs. Side effects – As with other stimulants, there is a seizure after the euphoria that the drug causes. High doses of amphetamines can cause panic, paranoia and hallucinations. With long-term use, you may develop a condition known as “amphetamine psychosis,” with symptoms similar to schizophrenia. Paranoia can make you violent if you think you are being threatened or persecuted. Of course, as we indicated in the introduction that they are legal, this does not mean that they do not represent a danger, since the abuse and / or abuse of them is very dangerous and harmful to health and can cause serious diseases or even lead to death. There are many legal drugs that exist that can be used differently by the population. Some use it as a recreational element, while in other cases, users intend to benefit from the relaxing or exciting effects of the substance in question or use it to forget or reduce some kind of physical or emotional pain. Among the so-called legal drugs, some of the best known are the following.

Drug use and addiction can be prevented. Prevention programs involving families, schools, communities and the media can prevent or reduce drug use and addiction. These programs include education and awareness to help people understand the risks of drug use.