Nearly two-thirds of lawyers who reported a security breach (64%) said their law firm had not experienced any significant business interruptions or losses. Nevertheless, 36% said the breach caused downtime or loss of billable hours. Tags 2021 Techsurvey Feature with Legal Technology Investigation Report Information goes beyond technology for things like work schedules, workplace, whether the work is done by employees or contractors, and work-life balance. These are all the more important for businesses as we leave behind the COVID-19 pandemic. The use of laptops continues to increase. For the first time in the survey, a majority of lawyers (53%) said a laptop was their main work computer. This number has increased every year in recent times, from 38% in 2018 to 41% in 2019 and 47% in 2020. Meanwhile, the use of desktop computers is in decline. Only 44% of lawyers said a desktop computer is their main work computer.

Only 1% said a tablet was their main work computer. Despite the popularity of online sources, many lawyers (37%) said they still regularly use printed materials for legal research. Seven percent said they never used printing materials during the research. Another popular tool for working with documents is the PDF creation software used by 87% of the lawyers surveyed. The most commonly used brands are Adobe (87%), Nuance PDF Creator (13%) and Corel WordPerfect (11%). Overall, 1 in 4 lawyers (25%) reported in 2021 that their law firm had experienced a security breach (e.g., loss or theft of a computer or smartphone, hacking, burglary or operated website). This is a slight increase of 22% in 2017. Now that lawyers have been working remotely over the past year – and will continue to do so in the future – legal software decisions made by law firm executives take on a whole new meaning.

Because when your company`s workforce is displaced, the only way to ensure that everyone is able to do their job effectively and efficiently is to use software. reliable cloud-based legal. For example, almost all lawyers surveyed said their law firm had word processing software (99%), with 91% saying they use this software personally. The most used brands are Microsoft Word (98%), Corel WordPerfect (15%) and Google Docs (8%). These are two key findings from the 2021 ABA Legal Technology Survey. The ABA`s Legal Technology Investigation Report is the most comprehensive study of the actual use of the technology by lawyers offered for sale. Its data is used by our experts to create the Aba TechReports. The survey has been published annually for more than 20 years. The American Bar Association`s Legal Technology Resource Center recently began publishing its 2021 ABA TechReport, a comprehensive publication that explores how lawyers are using technology in their practices. TechReport 2021 combines data from the annual Legal Technology Survey Report with expert analysis, observations, and predictions from legal technology leaders.

Divided into eight different articles on technology topics, TechReport 2021 covers the top areas of technology that lawyers face today. Investigation reports focus on issues related to the use of technology, not the use of products. Examples of statistical information included in the annual survey report include: • Twenty-six percent of respondents report a decrease in their access to printed materials due to COVID-19. Law firms with 100 or more lawyers were most likely to report a decrease in access to printed materials (44%), followed by 29% of law firms with 10 to 49 lawyers, compared with 11% of individual lawyers and 17% of law firms with 2 to 9 lawyers. Seventy percent say their access to printed materials has remained the same, and 4% say their access has increased.• Sixty-five percent of companies are planning a budget for technology (up from 62 percent in 2020, 60 percent in 2019, and 57 percent in 2018). As in previous years, this percentage increases with firm size: 43% of respondents alone, 50% of law firms with 2 to 9 lawyers, 69% of law firms with 10 to 49 lawyers (compared to 78% in 2020, 71% in 2019 and 77% in 2018) and 87% of law firms with 100 or more lawyers. Overall, 12% said they did not know if their company budgeted for technology.• Respondents were asked what following employee wellness activities their company offered. Eighty-three percent of companies surveyed offer one or more wellness activities (up from 76% in 2019), of which 57% offer employee appreciation events, 53% employee meals, 36% family outings, 32% additional vacations, 30% volunteering, 21% fitness incentive programs, 12% intramural sports and 3% other activities.

The TechReport articles were published on September 10. November on Law Technology Today ( and will run on Wednesdays until December 29. Topics covered include: • Cloud Computing • Websites and Marketing • Practice Management • Budgeting and Planning • Technology Training • Solo & Small Firm • Cybersecurity • Life and PracticeThe Legal Technology Investigation Report, launched more than two decades ago by the ABA`s Legal Practice Division, is considered the primary source of information for the use of technology by lawyers in private practice. It is based on responses from practicing lawyers – not consultants, vendors or IT staff. The survey report is divided into five volumes, including a collective edition, and is available from • Vol.